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Have you ever thought to boost up your sales? Or, need support from the industry experts to move forward with your next venture idea?

KAD Lab is working with the latest and proven solution stack to boost up your sales by harnessing the Augmented Reality technology. We have vast working experience and very dynamic team members from Germany, Ukraine, Canada, and the US. As a team, we already developed many successful AR solutions for different clients ranging from different industries like - Education, Health Care, Real Estate, Automobiles, Government and Non-Government Organizations to achieve their goal.

Augmented Reality or AR is evolving and getting bigger day by day, according to the studies, by 2022, the Augmented Reality market is expected to reach a market size of 209.2 billion U.S. dollars. The leaders of mobile business are investing in AR. Augmented Reality already is being used as a part of the communication strategy by the forward thinking businesses. AR technology improves interactivity and creates engaging experiences for customers.

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Increase User Engagement

According to DigiCapital, AR apps can increase 75% more user engagement than any other traditional way. Another study found that AR apps generate nearly twice the level of successful interaction among customers.

Interactive Content

51.5% of consumers say that they're more likely to shop with a brand that offers AR, MR or XR. Product visualization in an interactive way using AR can maximize the chance of sales success.

Realtime Visualization

AR enables the 'try before buy' feature for the customers to enhance the realtime visualization technique. Customer confidence can increase more than 40% through AR.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

58% of consumers want to get product information in-store before they purchase. Augmented Reality can fit best here and turn the random users into loyal customers.

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Augmented Reality - AR technology integrates digital information with the physical environment, live and in real time. Through the addition of graphics, sounds, haptic feedback and/or smell to the natural world as it exists, AR is able to combine real life with a super-imposed image or animation using the camera on a mobile device or a special headgear. AR technology now reached worldwide recognition.

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